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Healthy at Home:

A Toolkit for Supporting Families Impacted by COVID-19

In order to serve educators and families during the COVID-19 crisis, ReadyRosie developed this free toolkit as a resource to support families with information and resources for supporting the children in their care. The current content on this site will be available throughout the summer. We invite educators to explore ReadyRosie’s complete family engagement platform to help schools and programs partner with families throughout the summer and into the new school year. Learn more about ReadyRosie here.

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Week of May 11, 2020

Puzzle Fun

Puzzles can be a fun way for family members to work together! Model descriptive language as you and your child put the puzzle together – I'm looking for all the blue pieces. I think those are the mailbox. Choose puzzles that are challenging for your youngest child, but not too far beyond his developmental level.

Enjoying Books

A few minutes unwinding and reading with your child makes any day better! Pick an old favorite book or make one of your own. Baggie books, photo album books, or paper folded in half, they're all great for children to fill with their ideas. Use magazines, grocery labels, photos, or their drawings to illustrate. Now you're ready to enjoy books together!

Pack a picnic

Want to make a treasured family memory? Enjoy a picnic outside or on your living room floor! As you prepare, invite your child to imagine what your picnic could be like, make the plan, and remember the details. Help your child draw or write a list of things you'll need. What fun ideas will your family come up with for a spring picnic?

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